If you got 500 (Internal Server Error) PHP/Nginx/Apache – Where you can found logs/reason?

Oh, noooo. You got most popular developer error 🙂
Firstly, No despair – say “Yes, I CAN”, and concentrate on possible errors.

1 step: Double check your PHP/Python/ETC code.
Show all errors (how to show all errors/warnings/nootices in php)
Also, you can do “fast debug” in main parts of you code (Sure, use die() command but very carefully)


2 step: Check server/Apache&PHP settings
domino_server_settings_phpFirstly check .htaccess file on strange symbols or sentences.
Also, if you using POST method with uploading files then check php settings in php.ini (max_post_size, max_executing_time…)


3 step: Check error logs (Ubuntu/Linux)
Standard Apache logs dev finiding here:


nginx logs here:


Also, some popular frameworks logs folders:

Yii errors logs path


Laravel error logs path:


Final step: If the preceding tips do not help and you still have 500 error. Please try again to search answer in the search engines)

Happy codding!